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Christopher Day MRCVS - Holistic Vet

Christopher Day MA VetMB CertIAVH VetFFHom MRCVS 
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Christopher Day, the son of two veterinary surgeons, qualified in Veterinary Medicine from Cambridge University in 1972, at the age of 25. During his studies, he won the Allen & Hanbury's Parasitology Prize, in 1970. He also studied Agricultural Sciences while at Cambridge (invaluable for his current work on health programmes for organic farms).

He never wanted to be anything other than a vet and kept his own small flock of breeding sheep, milking cow, milking goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, geese etc., on his parents' smallholding, from an early age. This was extremely informative and provided invaluable animal handling and management experience.

He spent his first year out of college gaining veterinary experience in Burnley, Lancashire, before joining his parents’ mixed practice in Oxfordshire. He began studying homeopathy when 13, treating himself for injuries and illnesses throughout his subsequent school and university days. He bought books on the subject and studied them, during his time at University.

His use of homeopathy on animals started when he qualified and steadily increased until, by 1982, he rarely needed to use any conventional drugs. He now runs the Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre in rural S. Oxfordshire, which he founded in 1987. He is a founder member of the British Association for Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons, of which he was Hon. Sec. for more than twenty-five years. This organisation is a focus for veterinary homeopathy in the UK and celbrated its 30th birthday in June 2012. He gained Membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy (VetMFHom) in 1987, (the world’s first holder of a veterinary homeopathic qualification) and established courses for veterinarians, later becoming Veterinary Dean of the Faculty. In 1991, he was elected Fellow (VetFFHom), for his services to homeopathy.

From 1980, he studied acupuncture, which is now also a major part of his practice. He travelled widely, in Europe and the USA, to study both homeopathy and acupuncture. He has also studied herbal medicine and other alternatives. These extra modalities have served to remove the need for drugs, except in very few cases. He was External Assessor for the IVAS/ABVA Veterinary Acupuncture courses, which were held at Exeter University. He has served as External Examiner for the McTimoney Animal Chiropractic examinations.

He was the first President and a founder-member of the International Association for Veterinary Homoeopathy and has served a second term of office. Veterinarians from around the world join this society, which furthers education and development in veterinary homeopathy worldwide. He has the Certificate of the IAVH, at examiner level. He was a Vice-President of Doctors & Lawyers for Responsible Medicine. He is acknowledged as a leading expert on veterinary homeopathy, giving lectures and holding courses around the world.

He has held three-day courses in USA, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden and the UK. In 2008, he co-hosted a three-day course for a delegation of Japanese vets, held in Dorset, UK. He has lectured and taught in many countries. He has also twice lectured on the integrated use of homeopathy and acupuncture, in the USA (for IVAS) and has lectured there in holistic medicine (for AHVMA). He has lectured in dairy cattle nutrition and on healthy horse pasture management in the UK and has debated on animal experimentation.

He has a strong interest in animal welfare, lecturing on this and related topics and serving both on national and on international committees.

He has written 10 books on various aspects of natural medicine and diet and is co-author or contributor to more than 20 other books on natural and holistic medicine topics. Several more titles are in preparation. In 2009, he celebrated the 25th anniversary of his first book. In 2012, he celebrated 25 years of the AVMC.

His greatest passion is still the medical treatment of animals. He treats all species of animals in the UK and, occasionally, elsewhere in Europe and the world. He travels widely in the UK, visiting horses for holistic assessment and treatment, having long experience in dietary management, comfortable saddling and chiropractic work, in addition to his natural medicine expertise. He advises farms on holistic health programmes (with a special interest in organic farming methods), industry on natural medicine topics and individuals on management of their animals.

Working address: Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre: Chinham House, Stanford-in-the- Vale, Nr. Faringdon, Oxfordshire SN7 8NQ UK - Tel: #44 (0)1367 710324; Fax: #44 (0)1367 718243

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